Religious Service

A Religious Service affirms a faith and trust in our creator, a God who made us and through Him a hope that goes beyond death.

It therefore has Prayers of Praise and Thanksgiving and will have Scripture (Bible readings) that express that faith, belief and hope in Him.

It may contain Hymns or Choruses, either sung or played through a music system. It can also include other music, the entrance and exit music need not be religious, they can be secular and reflect something of a person’s life. (Within the bounds of acceptable good taste and language of course).

There will be Tribute/Eulogy, usually given by me on the family’s behalf, and/or by a friend or family member, one that tells the story of your loved ones life and achievements, that honours and remembers them. One that reflects true life, triumph and tragedy, sorrow and laughter. (YES you can laugh in a funeral).

A service that ends on a note of eternal hope and promise that death is not the end.