Non Religious Funeral

What is a Non Religious Ceremony?
A Non Religious Ceremony is, above all, a ceremony that reflects the wishes of the family and is focused on celebrating and/or reflecting the life of the deceased. It is both a dignified tribute and a highly personal memoir, created by a professional Celebrant in consultation with the family or executor.

Where can a Non Religious Funeral be held?
A Non Religious Funeral can be held almost anywhere you wish. The Ceremony is appropriate for either a cremation, burial at any non religious burial ground or a burial at a woodland burial site.

Who conducts a Non Religious Funeral Ceremony?
The person conducting the Ceremony should be a fully trained professional Funeral Celebrant, as sometimes a willing friend or family member may not be able to do the service justice on the day through emotion or pressure. 

How are Non Religious Funerals different from Humanist funerals?
The main difference is that Humanist funerals should not include religious references, hymns or prayers, whereas a Non Religious Funeral Celebrant will read a prayer or include hymns or religious music and religious references if required. This can reflect something of the ‘mix-and-match’ spirituality of those people who do not identify with a church yet do not regard themselves as atheists. In other ways the process and content of Non Religious and Humanist funerals are generally similar.